About Tripsthan

Our Origins and Story

Enchanting stories behind some of the India's most captivating sights.


We are a travel company with a mission to provide excellent and unlimited memorable holiday experiences to the travellers. We believe in providing flawless services at a reasonable price.
The word Tripsthan is made by 2 words. The first part is Trip and the second is Sthan. ‘Trip’ means a journey for some purpose and ‘Sthan’ is a Hindi word which means place. Tripsthan.com is one of India’s leading online Tour management Companies providing holiday packages, car rentals, Tourist guides and informations about India in just one click of a mouse. Our priority is to make travelling easy and making it a memorable trip through our excellent service. We also provide customized tour packages so it suites our clients needs or schedules. At TripSthan, our experts makes travelling easy for you. Our tour packages will help you enjoy the most beautiful sights across the country. whether you travel as an individual, a group, a whole family or a corporate. Below mentioned you will find valuable comments from our clients and the reason why they rely on us for their trip to India: We do not only show you the buildings and monuments. We take you to meet the people from both modern to ancient India, which helps you to explore and understand India. We know the spirit of travellers , and we make sure that you will enjoy the unique customized itineraries and tour packages.